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Selena Gomez to release her new album this year


Good news. After a two-year hiatus, Selena Gomez is slowly but surely making her way back. She has just confirmed that a new album is coming out this year. 

Ready to embark on a new adventure

For the past year, Selena Gomez has been hinting at her forthcoming return sharing brand new singles and collaborations. After taking a break in her music career due to medical issues, the singer came back into the limelight this year, stronger than ever. With a new boyfriend, a new haircut and a new album on the way, 2018 really seems to be a year of great change for the singer.

Back in December, Selena Gomez had confirmed her imminent return during a radio interview, explaining that she had finally found her way back to the recording studio. She recently spread the news sharing a picture on social media and teasing her comeback for 2018. We don’t know when her new material will be released yet, but one thing’s for sure. The singer has finally put her difficult times behind her and she is ready to reconquer the charts. Stay tuned, we should hear more information in the weeks to come.

Currently. Until the next year. Here’s where I’ll be.

Currently. Until the next year. Here’s where I’ll be.

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