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Marilyn Manson is bloodthirsty in “SAY10” music video


This is another one that will probably give you nightmares. Following the release of his tenth album “Heaven Upside Down”, Marilyn Manson has unveiled the music video for his third single “SAY10”. 

“And a crown of thorns is hard to swallow”

Marilyn Manson is known for his disturbing music videos, but this year, he really has surpassed himself. After revealing the NSFW music video for his single “We Know Where You Fucking Live”, he continues to promote his latest album “Heaven Upside Down” which was released on Friday sharing another music video. This one is particularly gory with a plot that’s straight out of a horror movie. All the ingredients are there to make for a blood-curdling watch.

We recently told you about a possible collaboration with Justin Bieber after the two artists reconciled, but for “SAY10“, Marilyn Manson called on another one of his long-time friends. Actor Johnny Depp appears on the insane clip and is barely recognisable under a thick layer of white makeup. The two singers have already performed together on various occasions and it was said that they even got a matching tattoo of the cover of Baudelaire’s collection of poems, “The Flowers of Evil”. It’s no coincidence that the two artists share a bond.

Who knows, maybe Depp will make an appearance on stage during one of Manson’s concerts, as he is set to come to the UK in December. Beware, the evil has been unleashed.

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